Good quality topsoil is crucially important for your gardening and landscaping projects. Ensuring your topsoil has the right consistency is crucial. Nutrients can be added and changed but good consistency is key to get started.

We screen our own topsoil on-site to ensure it is the best quality available.


It is all sourced locally from Cromwell, Queenstown, Wanaka and the surrounding areas. Talk to one of our team today about our topsoil, to arrange pick up or delivery.

Holding Sandflat Schist 20mm 2.JPEG

SANDFLAT SCHIST 20mm, 40mm & 60mm +

We offer a range of Sandflat Schist, screened to a number of different sizes including 20mm, 40mm and 60mm as well as larger offcuts. Arrange a time to pop into the yard and see it for yourself or give us a call to arrange pick up or

All our Sandflat schist is sustainably sourced from local sites, which is becoming an increasingly important element in choosing materials. Give us a call or talk to one of the team today to book an appointment.

Cluden Schist 40mm 2.JPEG

CLUDEN SCHIST 20mm, 40mm

We offer a range Cluden Schist, screened to either 20mm or 40mm. Arrangea time to pop into the yard and see it for yourself or give us a call to arrangepick up or delivery.



Larger schist rock can be awesome for gardens and providing a decorative touch to outside spaces.

Come and check out the larger stones we have on offer – simply get in touch with one of the team and book in a time to come and see us at the yard.



We’ve got two vehicles available for hire to help you get your soil or schist to where you need it to be.


Hiring our wee truck will give you a payload of 5-tonne. Or the truck and trailer a payload of up to 28-tonne. Get in touch to find out more about availability.