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From our yard based in Cromwell our screening services produce a range of high grade top soil, schist in various sizes and more.

We can come to you - we do the hard yards so that you don't have to. Whether it's home, business or farm we can bring our services to wherever you need them.

We work with a number of local businesses and landscapers across Central Otago and beyond. 

Get in touch to find out more.

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Good quality topsoil is crucially important for your gardening and landscaping projects.


Ensuring your topsoil has the right consistency is crucial. Nutrients can be added and changed but good consistency is key to get started. We screen our own topsoil on-site to ensure it is the best quality available.


It is all sourced locally from Cromwell, Queenstown, Wanaka and the surrounding areas.


Talk to one of our team today about our topsoil, to arrange pick up or delivery.

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We offer a range of both Cluden and Sandflat Schist, screened to a number of different sizes including 20mm, 40mm and 60mm as well as larger offcuts.


Arrange a time to pop into the yard and see it for yourself or give us a call to arrange pick up or delivery.



Whether it’s topsoil for a garden project, schist for landscaping or a large delivery for your business, we can arrange home delivery for all of our products.


Our experienced, capable, local team are on hand to deliver and assist you with getting your materials to where they need to be.



We have both trucks and trailers for hire to help you get your materials to where they need to go.


Our vehicles can hold loads from 5-28 Tonnes and even come with a free driver and operator...


Talk to the team today about vehicle hire and availability.

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Sometimes life is easier with an extra pair of hands. Our experienced, capable, local team are on hand to deliver and assist you with getting your materials to where they need to be.


If you need labour hire for longer just ask the question – we can help you with a solution tailored to you based on your
requirements and availability.

We are mainly here to assist with machine operating and delivery, but also work with a number of local landscapers if you require their services.



Most of what we do here at Central Screening is working with other local businesses.


Whatever your business needs we can help with a solution.


Be it a bulk order, vehicle hire, working to a schedule or hiring one of our team as an extra pair of hands as you need them.


Talk to either Carl or Vic today to find out more.



Come and say g’day… You can come and see us at our yard 6 Wolter Cresent in the heart of Cromwell’s Industrial Area.


Simply give us a call to book an appointment.


Come and see the soil and schist for yourself to see which products could work for you.